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We met Andrea Marazia

Angelo Grillo

Angelo Nero d'Avola

Badissa Pinot Grigio

“Our commitment has always been to make quality wine for people all around the world” says Marco Martini, CEO and Director of Sales of Mondodelvino, one of the most innovative Italian wine producing in terms of worldwide markets presence and branding. Being able to provide wines coming from different areas doesn’t mean factory, because at its inception this was a fresh new story in the wine industry. And from its roots to current times, Mondodelvino equals ideas and implementation.

MGM Mondodelvino was founded 27 years ago by Marco’s visionary father, Alfeo, together with German and English friends, Christoph Mack and Roger Gabb, both oenologists. Bringing these different cultures together resulted in a new open minded way of thinking, and definitely a new approach to producing and marketing quality Italian wine. Since 2005, the founding members have further innovated their approach to business maintaining the same idea: supply quality wines that strive to suit consumer expectations.

If you had to pick a favorite Italian wine region, you would probably find it impossible to choose just one. Areas growing favorite grapes like Pinot Grigio, Nero d’Avola, Primitivo, just to name a few, cover the whole Italian boot from North to South. Through direct agreements with producer cooperatives and private estates, MGM’s team of enologists selects the best grapes which are then vinified in the production plants with the highest standards and top worldwide certifications.

Today we meet Andrea, USA Manager, that takes us inside the production plant and shares little secrets and stories of each single machine or procedure.

He walks along the barrel room, where the most important red wines rest for months. Then we move to the bottling line and to the inox tanks where technology is king.

We taste our whites: Angelo Grillo, the Sicilian variety that produces a delicious wine bursting with lemon and tropical fruit flavors, and Badissa Pinot Grigio, with a pale straw yellow color, a pleasant and characteristic fragrance, harmonious and mellow to the palate. Imagine any American restaurant with seafood plates, cod and fish linguine with tomato, basil and capers. These two great value wines are a wonderful choice.

It’s almost time to go, but first we want to taste the reds: Angelo Nero d’Avola, which marries deliciously bright cherry flavors and accents of herbs and spice; then Itynera Nero d’Avola-Cab Sauvignon blend, that ages for 6 months in oak to add complexity and length to the wine; and finally our favorite Luna Argenta Negroamaro-Primitivo, with aromas of intense red berries, notes of vanilla and spices.

With a basket full of wines that cover the whole Italian peninsula, we leave impressed by the innovative and dynamic spirit… MGM keep going!

  • words by

    Nicole Poggi

  • photography by

    Eugenio Marongiu

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