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We met Nina Puddu

Tiscali Cannonau di Sardegna


We are in the heart of Sardinia, an area called Barbagia. A vast territory that encompasses the slopes of the Gennargentu, the massive mountain range at the centre of the island. The name Barbagia comes from the fact that it was here that the Sardinians took refuge as they resisted the onslaught of Carthaginians and Romans. Here nature dominates and small granite houses and overhanging vines hardly find space. Vineyards are like narrow streets and from time to time sheep cross them.

In this setting in Oliena lies the Fratelli Puddu winery, founded in the 1970s. The parents of Nina, Francesco and Paolo had the courage and determination to plant vines and produce one of the first organic Cannonau of the region. Now these siblings continue the founders’ vision: no compromises in the bottle, just harmony and soil expression, making their wines the symbol of Barbagia.

A very ambitious goal considering that Cannonau was barely known outside of its region, but a story not difficult to love.

Cannonau is a native Sardinian vine although it has been mistakenly considered nothing other than the Spanish garnacha imported from Spain in the 1400s. 

The archaeological excavations and the techniques of genetic identification have recently demonstrated through fossil recovery that this vine was planted and cultivated more than three thousand years ago, making it the oldest known grape variety in the Mediterranean basin. This is the reason why Puddu’s wine labels depict an indigenous and important archeological site. Namely, Tiscali, the famous Nuragic village hidden within a mountain that is represented on their flagship Cannonau.

Here the soil is very special and the beauty of Puddu lies exactly where the vine roots extract their identity. Sand and granite, which become even limestone in certain areas - especially in the West ones that are closer to the sea and reach the mountains – and in others the soil become completely volcanic. 

It is because of this richness and variety of the soil, together with a unique microclimate (day/night excursion, always windy and a nice breeze from the sea, but protected by the mountains just in front of the vineyards) help Puddu’s Cannonau to be more concentrated in the fruits and the smoothness, making it one of the easiest to drink and most enchanting of the whole region.

This wine is a versatile companion to many foods. Whether they offer Porceddu (roasted pig), Pecorino or Colurgiones (typical filled ravioli), be aware that it will be a meal to be remembered. We also recommend another way to enjoy this fresh and sapid wine… put it in the fridge for a little while and enjoy it with fish dishes as well.

Mediterranean herbs are so distinctive in the nose and are followed by red wild fruits and spices. Each sip delivers unexpected freshness and mineral sensations that will always make you travel to where it comes from...a must have for indigenous wine lovers.

Photography by Elisa Bosco

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    Nicole Poggi

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