Born in Torino, I was raised in the city and its suburbs, but I was lucky to get to visit my grandparents in Langhe and Monferrato in the Piedmont region almost every weekend. I went to school for classical studies (literature, arts and philosophy) and then to medical school. Later in life I also lived in the Alps of Piemonte. All these experiences really opened my mind and, unexpectedly, prepared me for my new venture. Almost as a dare, I accepted in my thirties, the opportunity to move to New York and to start a new carrier as a wine rep. Not afraid of changes and novelties, I took on this new life with enthusiasm.

Since my arrival in the US, I’ve always lived in Brooklyn because it reminded me of a European town from the first time I walked its streets. In Brooklyn, I started my family with Lorraine and it is where my twins Matteo and Maxwell were born. In the Bed Stuy neighborhood of Brooklyn, I founded Enotria, in the room that is now my kids’ bedroom. I live my life with wine as I live my everyday life: I love diversity, I love people with integrity and commitment, I love creative people, artists and artisans. I also like the idea of meeting people while “nudging” them for sales. I have met a lot of people who are now my closest friends.

I love traveling and meeting different cultures. I love languages (I’m pretty good with four). I love honest, simple food. I enjoy all sorts of live events: music, theater, sport (mostly soccer and Juventus, my home team), because I like to watch performance. If you blend all these together, you’ll find my wines of choice: simple, straightforward, honest, unique.