Who we are

To the on premise restaurant industry as well as the off premise stores and boutique wine shops, we bring a variety of single family-owned estates. Our head office is in Manhattan, but we distribute in a number of states in the American market.

Now that the boring part has been said, please read on to

discover who we truly are. 



(noun) | /waɪn/​

An alcoholic drink made from fermented grapes.

Once consumed, one might feel happier, inclined to laugh, be more aware of where it comes from, imagine traveling to experience its people and its place of inspiration

So what will you

find in our wines?

Well, you’ll find wine; true, genuine, honest-to-goodness, delicious wine.

At Enotria, we have a specific approach to the wines we bring to the United States.
The foundation is a quest for wineries that are family owned and make wines that speak about their homes.

Why? We like families, don’t you? We like the sensory trip to that specific place in the Italian countryside. Family and place are paramount.

We believe in commitment, honesty and hard work. We want to share with you our enthusiasm for real, genuine histories and stories of artisanal Italian wineries, whether they are in the most known regions or off the beaten track.

We are proud to represent independent, passionate, family-owned wineries that truly put their heart, life and soul into each and every single bottle they make.

Some of the wines we offer have been produced by the same families for generations;
some may have started production last year; but collectively, they are the Enotria family of wines that will always welcome you into their home.